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Powerful Apps to Help Grow Your eCommerce Website


The world of eCommerce is booming with sales and dollars. If you are a part of this community you should know the nitty-gritty of the internet world, especially if you want your products to reach out to the maximum crowd. You can take the help of many things, starting from SEO blogging to opting for paid advertisements. There is no “one size fits all” model to success, and you have to creatively market and manage your products in your own way.

Managing your eCommerce website, and taking care of your accounts, settlements and shipping is another set of headache many of us face. Put your worries to rest, because there are apps to make your eCommerce company a cakewalk, and help add value to your decision. In this article, we will focus on the most Powerful Apps to help grow your eCommerce website.

Mail Chimp

It is the perfect app to manage your customer’s information and send marketing newsletters. It a non-spam email based marketer, and you can send up to 12000 emails to a maximum of 2000 people, per month. That’s totally free. Their lowest monthly plan is $10, and with that, you get an excellent layout, along with good and reliable analytical feedback. The pricing is linked to the number of subscribers, and for a monthly plan with 5000 followers you will have to shell out around $50.


This beautiful app is your personal manager. It simplifies all your shipment details, inventory statistics, and also connects all your sales channels and marketplaces. It is used by some big names like Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc., along with many small brick and mortar stores. The app is known for its simple web-based order management, purchasing management, and inventory management. You can compare and change between different shipping options, track your order history and take note of everything in the business analytics section.


SumAll is a free top-class app for eCommerce analytics, and is used by millions to help keep track of their visitor’s interest. It also connects your eCommerce database with many services. Along with the usual Google+, Facebook, Twitter, the app tracks your traffic source from numerous other sources. Your data sources are shown according to traffic volume, and you can also select specific pages to see which product is viewed most. You can also check out other analytics like how much time the consumers spend on each page, and which websites give you the most valuable leads.


Olark is the de-facto messenger of the e-commerce industry. It helps establish a direct link between the merchants and the customers. It’s a low-cost customer support app, where you can handle live chats with several customers at once. The customers can rate their chat experience so that you can extract valuable analytics from it later. The customer’s chat can also be passed off to a different agent very easily with a tap of a button, and the pricing ($17 monthly) is quite moderate.


Yotpo takes care of all your ratings and reviews related issues. It reaches out to people who bought your product through email and then extract a review of your product. This app can then integrate the email reviews of your product with the site itself. The reviews can be liked and disliked by fellow visitors, and even be commented upon. You can also use customizable widgets on your sales page, to get an instant review. The Social Curation features Instagram connectivity to your review page. It can as well be used as a marketing app, as it can advertise recommended products to potential customers. The app also lets the merchants reply to a specific review. The app is customized for all kinds of mobile handsets, so as to reach out to the maximum crowd.

 Hub spot

 This is the master of inbound marketing. It integrates the interesting aspects of various Social Media content with your products with extreme precision. The app is very well designed and you will have a fun time learning the analytics of its performance. It has worked well for many websites, and it scored pretty well on Search Engine Optimization, Google website optimizer, Conversion optimization and overall inbound marketing.


If you want to track your shipping company, this is the right app for you. It works with only FedEx and UPS services, and gives you instant cashback, for late delivery. The process is hassle-free and you never even have to use the app to reap its benefits. All you need to do is log in and give the app permission to track your shipping records. If the delivery is delayed than the given time, you will automatically be credited by this app.


With the apps mentioned above, you can run a good mid-sized eCommerce store. Apps make your decisions faster and more meaningful. They not only affect sales but also give value to your websites in the long run.

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