Ways to makret your eCommerce website on a budget



Marketing your eCommerce website can be quite expensive if you try out the traditional way. From content creation all the way up to advertising, it’s a brutal journey for your wallet. What many don’t see is, marketing the smart way can drastically reduce your digital bill. In this article, we will be exploring different ways to market your eCommerce website on a budget.

Use Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising can be a good way to market your website because you can target the crowd very well. Facebook allows you to target your customers extremely well, so there is a greater chance of hitting on a sale using it. Facebook allows your advertising to be targeted to a specific age group, or according to their likes, or even better according to their search history. This is important because your advertising money will go into viewers who have a high chance of visiting your web page. Facebook also helps to customize your ads with the help of user information, which is a big boon for newbie eCommerce websites.

Create Video Content in YouTube

Blogging is paving the way for video blogging. A presence on YouTube will help you grow your eCommerce website a lot. This is because YouTube is one of the top-used websites, as the new generation is crazy for videos. And making a YouTube channel is pretty easy, compared to conventional blogging. Try making video reviews of your product and publish them on YouTube.

Answer question on Quora

Quora can be a great place to do backlinking because Google loves Quora. Once you answer a question, you can subtly lure the readers into visiting your website. If you succeed at this, then be ready to get a boost of your Google ranking.

Be active on Social Media

Social Media can give a very low-cost way of marketing, and creates a chain of visitors. LinkedIn can help grow your online image, contact base, and your area of expertise. It gives you access to people related to marketing, and they can help you a lot, sometimes totally for free. If you want to use the social power of Facebook, you can create events, and update viral content. It’s free if you use your head, and the returns are astronomical.

Go crazy on PPC

PPC, aka Pay per Click, is one of the cheapest ways to spread your wings. Develop an enchanting ad with sweet-sounding words and relevant pictures, and let the magic of PPC work. The amount you pay for PPC depends on a lot of factors. You can go in cheap by targeting your competitor’s web page if they allow advertisements. You should always target blog spots and other websites that contain something relevant to your products.

Google Ads

Google lets you advertise on their search engine. Your products will be automatically showcased whenever people type in relevant keywords. This is a good boost to your profit, as these people have usually made up their mind and are looking to buy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most used ways to success. It’s cheap compared to other strategies and sometimes even free. If you can somehow convince your visitors to leave their email, you have a marketing atom bomb in your hand. You can deploy it to attract old visitors, with actually no costs at all.

Highlight what people need

For eCommerce, the main thing is trustworthiness. Create a return and refund policy that’s transparent and fair; it helps a lot in building brand image. And then advertise your policy.

Color Coding your Webpage

Choose one color and stick to it. It’s free and will create a long-term impact on your reader’s mind. Don’t create multicolored ads as it doesn’t help. Whether you are sending out bulk emails or going the PPC road, always have a consistent style and color for your ads. Big multinationals do this same thing, Vodafone chose the color red, Starbuck chose green and white, Mc Donald’s sticks to red and yellow, etc. So stick to one color and make consistent in your advertising frequency.

Offline options

There are lots of things which you can do offline, to help you grow you online eCommerce network; from creating a logo to sending postcards along with your products, or tiny reminders of your brand, or the color coding of your product packaging. This will go a long way.

Inexpensive widgets

You can decorate your web page with a lot of widgets, meaning you can attract more customers by asking them to share your content, or publish their review about your site on other sites. There are also many other advantages that are specific to widgets.

E-Commerce website


You can reshuffle and reach out to previous visitors on your website, by retargeting. It’s an increasingly popular trend among merchants to approach their ex-visitors. It uses the user cookies to help trace their history and show them ads according to their search trends. 


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